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About Nuvafemme®

Nuvafemme® is an activated soy isoflavone compound with phytoestrogen, antioxidant and metabolic-regulating properties. The secret of nuvafemme® lies in an all-natural, phytoestrogen-antioxidant soy isoflavone, which is derived from 100% organic soy isoflavones using a double standardisation process (standardised isoflavones 40% and standardised active genistein and diadzein).


Nuvafemme® has the ability to "mimic" the properties of estrogen in a safe, selective and gentle manner. When estrogen levels are low, genistein helps fill in the gaps whilst it will compete with estrogen in the body when levels are high. With genistein, it effectively helps regulating erratic levels of estrogen in the body.


With nuvafemme®, every woman now have new hope to staying their womanly selves a little longer, a little happier and a lot healthier. It is definitely an ideal product for women undergoing changes in their journey through womanhood.


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