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Perimenopause is a natural yet complex transition which normally hits women in her 40’s (40-56 years). This transition can last up to 10-15 years until a woman reaches menopause.


Hormonally speaking, perimenopause sees the greatest degree of change within a woman, even compared to her puberty years. Estrogen is the primary female hormone which orchestrates these changes. During perimenopause, estrogen will begin fluctuating in an up-down pattern over the years in a declining pattern. Changes in menstruation will occur within this period alongside various psychological or vasomotor symptoms.


As perimenopause is the start of a woman’s non-fertile phase, different body systems will start emitting various “de-feminising” signals beside changes in menstruation. Estrogen helps regulate more than 400 different functions in women which explains why women go through so many different changes during perimenopause.

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