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A Calmer Me

S.C Lee, 48 years, Buying Director, Kuala Lumpur

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My periods were changing, I felt unfeminine, unsexy and I hated it. Worse was the draining tiredness which made me easily irritable. After being on nuvafemme®, I’ve gotten trimmer, I feel more in control and more like the “me” I use to like. Now that’s priceless!






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A New Woman

Angel Ng, 44 years, Homemaker, Seremban

I struggled with sleepless nights, excess weight, constant tiredness and unstable periods. My husband and children avoided me during my worse moods… but I couldn’t help myself.  Nuvafemme® has helped me feel better. I now nag less and everyone’s hoping this new “wife and mama” is here to stay.

Cool in Control

Soon Kim Lian, 55 years

Nuvafemme® has helped with the flashes of heat I found so disturbing towards my late 40’s. I could not sleep well and it made me very irritable in the day. Now, I feel comfortable and sleep well. Plus, I notice that my skin is not dry even when I sleep in an air-conditioned room the whole night.

Renewed Confidence

Ayu Bt. Ramly, 47 years, Klang

After my children and hitting my 40’s, I have to say that I was lagging in firmness... everywhere. My moods were also up and down. I have tried different types of products but it all promised beautiful, fast results which wasn’t what I was looking for. I longed to feel good about myself. After nuvafemme®, I have to say that I am more confident as a woman, more confident in my relationships. Now, I no longer worry about losing my “womanliness”.

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